Solar Sensor NOT Working

I installed my unit on 9/22/18 and everything was working great for almost a week, then the data for the solar sensor became spotty, then stopped just a couple days later altogether. I was hoping it was a firmware issue, but when revision 98 came out, there is still nothing. As can be seen with my profile picture, there is nothing to block it being on the roof.

I am wondering if @anon84912554 or @WFmarketing could maybe shed some light on the issue. The only other thing I can think is that the sensor itself came out with a defect. If that is determined to be the case, what can be done about it? Iā€™m station No. 5372.


Send an email to stating the issue and your station ID.

I just looked at your data and you do seem to have a defective unit. If so, WeatherFlow will send you a new Sky.

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