Tempest Lightning Strike Count 🌩

Sounds like you were affected by the service outage. See here for details: Service Outage (Lightning Strikes)

Thank you I just saw that thread after I found this one.


REF: Real Time Lightning Map :: LightningMaps.org

On 1 July 2021 the new Tempest E Weile Station picked up a confirmed thunderstorm squall moving NW toward Spokane, WA
Observing the radar returns from two sources, Winy.com and Weather underground, confirmed the small cells pending arrival as were detected prior to arriving at said location on said detectors.
Further cross correlations were done with the local Tempest Map using older units. Those indicated lower levels of hits and served as a reference to my short lived inspection.
As the storms grew in strength over the SE Plains toward Spokane, the unit indeed tracked the Horizontal and Vertical polarization’s with precise detail. Small thunder roll aloft around 5 am indicated a high level CtoC event and was not indicated on Windy or Lightning. Org.
Tempest tracked the EMP’s within good agreement of various sources, and furthermore warned ahead of time the arrival of this event…

Former Principle Investigator ASRC, Albany, NY, Research Foundation State of New York, c 1977 - 1980